Jesse Iacovelli

NT3As far back as my memory goes, I have always been in love with designing and creating imagery in its many forms.

I was raised in Philadelphia from the age of 6, but spent many summers in Arizona with my dad. My dad owned a busy popular tattoo and piercing shop in Scottsdale, AZ, during my childhood, which really piqued my interest in the art of tattooing. I spent much of my time learning the tricks of the trade and absorbing all the different styles and techniques out there while honing my skills in my free time.

As a kid I liked to express myself with graffiti style art. All of these experiences have helped shape me in to the well-rounded artist I am today. As with most artist, my style and skill has morphed and improved over time, allowing me to branch out and deliver a beautiful product to my clients, whether it be lettering, neo traditional style, or something custom that the client and I create together.

I moved to Phoenix, AZ, in early 2016 to enjoy all the beauty the desert has to offer and to further my career in the art of tattooing. My best days are those in which I can bring body art to life for a client. I would love to meet you and create your next masterpiece.

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