Todd Ring

TT129My family moved to Phoenix when I was a little tyke. I come from a large blue collar family and that is where my ethics come from. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon, on paper, canvas and even my mother’s couch! I truly began to develop my talents in high school with guidance from my art teacher, I took 6 of his classes. After several years trying to find my place in a few careers and never feeling passionate about any of them, I was asked to apprentice at a tattoo shop after a tattooer had seen a design I drew up for a friend. I had been interested in tattoos and tattooing since I was in high school, so there was no hesitation I jumped at the opportunity! I began tattooing in 1997, it was a busy street shop and mostly flash designs. I learned a lot those first couple years and helped open a second location, I was busy making money but I wasn’t truly happy with tattooing. I worked my first convention in Denver, CO and everything changed for me at that point. I saw what tattooing could be for me, what I could do beyond the stale designs on the walls of the shop and was inspired to do more with tattooing other than trace other’s art. Since that moment I do everything in my power to design each and every tattoo I create. I stayed with the shop I apprenticed in until the fall of 2004, at which time I opened my first shop. It was a huge success and was gaining popularity when the landlord decided they no longer wanted to lease the space to me. The doors closed at the end of 2006. Feeling defeated I went to work at a shop in Scottsdale for the following 8+ years. I met my wife during the time I was working in Scottsdale, we wed in 2012. With her encouragement and support I was driven to open another tattoo parlor. We opened Forever True Tattoo in November 2015.
I enjoy all styles of tattooing and being challenged by the desires of my clients. I have never felt the need to narrow my energy to only one style of tattooing as I feel all styles aid in developing your own style and keeps your creativity fresh. I also paint in watercolor and acrylic when time allows and inspired.
As much as I love tattooing, my family comes first. I have 3 amazing kids and we enjoy spending lots of time together.

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